Be a Biker Girl This Halloween!

Halloween is here again and it’s time to choose a fun costume! If you are the edgy, adventurous type, why not dress up with a biker girl halloween costume? This is a look that can be fairly easy to pull together with some simple clothing pieces and accessories.
First, you can’t overdo the black leather. Leather pants, a leather vest, leather gloves and, of course, black leather biker boots. This is standard gear for any biker and will let others know who you are supposed to be right away. Since it is a costume, you can go with imitation leather to save costs, as long as you have the basic look.
Next, find a t-shirt with skulls or maybe a hard rock band on it. Something dark with a lot of graphics works great. Pair this with some silver chains and fake tattoos and you’re almost there. Keep hair as simple as possible – a long braid works well with a bandanna over the top.
You can always do variations on this look, depending on what clothing you find or what is available to you, but keep things dark, tough and edgy. Soon, you’ll have your biker girl halloween costume pulled together and you’ll be ready to hit the party scene with your new look!